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If you have 5 minutes to share your views and thoughts, read on and fill out the survey: The purpose of this Roundtable is to bring together International Relations scholars and practitioners to discuss the role of strategic foresight in international relations and to strengthen the community of interest to take this endeavour forward. To prepare for this Roundtable we are conducting a survey on the practice of strategic foresight in international relations — and seeking your views on this issue.

Strategic foresight approaches, when incorporated into long-term planning processes, can have significant impact on international policy-making. Looking beyond present challenges and opportunities to those on the horizon is arguably an indispensable and necessary role of government especially in the foreign policy realm.

At this time of geopolitical uncertainty, there is growing interest in this approach to understand developments in the spatial dimensions of foreign policy. Yet foresight has a strangely marginal position in the International Relations academic sphere and is largely absent from most International Relations faculties and courses.

The strategic foresight toolkit is growing in use by foreign policy practitioners, including diplomats.

exeter university research strategy

And research would help clarify and focus on debates about good practice and the effectiveness of strategic foresight in influencing decision-making. By hosting a Roundtable on this issue, we will be exploring the importance of strategic foresight and the challenges it faces in the school of international relations. We will be discussing the contribution of scholars to foresight in international affairs, debate the value of the endeavour, and share examples of effective approaches and projects.

You can how to make easy money on zynga poker involved now by filling out this survey and contributing your views to the debate.

The results of the survey will how to make money from bulk sms in nigeria discussed at the Roundtable and incorporated into an associated report.

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It should take sap stock market minutes to complete. Follow this link to fill out the survey: Full details of the conference can be found below:. The papers and panel discussions held within the conference will focus around the following set of issues.

In many countries today spy chiefs are the public face of intelligence.

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They speak to the media, appear before public inquiries and committees, and even write books. This has not always been the case.

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In the United Kingdom, for example, heads of agencies were historically appointed in secret, their names and roles not officially disclosed to the public. This international conference brings together leading academics exeter university research strategy ocbc bank forex rates from across the world to broaden and deepen our understanding of what makes an intelligence leader.

Conference website including registration information is here: Following the death of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich on Wednesday 22 May Professor Cornish published a short article on The Conversation UK; an independent, online source of news and opinion drawn from the academic and policy research community. The Strategy Blog The official blog of the University of Exeter's Strategy and Security Institute Search Main menu Skip to primary content.

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Home About the Strategy Blog. Research Wanted — Your views on how Strategic Foresight should be integrated into the academic field of International Relations — for futureday Posted on March 10, by Danny Steed. COMPLETE SURVEY Thank you very much. And have a great Futureday — See more at: Posted on March 3, by Danny Steed.

Full details of the conference can be found below: Posted on May 31, by Katherine Felstead. The European Security and Defence Union Vol. How Should the State Manage the Contemporary Expectation of Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations?

exeter university research strategy

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