Binary options reviews j hjrthf

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Too bad he recommends so many scam brokers My results with him were not very good, entries are delayed Since he sends a previous high as the signal, what use is that?? I think even signalpush saw that. For me I did not take many of his signals when i was watching them I more along the lines used it as a indicator then decided what was the best trade to take with my own analysis. Well so much for the little free speech claim by Lotz. You've turned this whole thread into an attack on SP instead of defending your affiliation with JAS.

YES you do, so you ARE an affiliate marketer. Do you get money from JAS for sending people "noobs" and "sheeple" as you call them? Wed Jun 21 Tokyo: Broker Reviews IQ Option Binary. MarketsWorld Nadex List All Brokers. Click here to read Lotz Botz's full review of John Anthony's Signals Service Click here to visit John Anthony's website This forum thread is for discussion of anything related to John Anthony's Signals Service and we will add any frequently asked questions to this post.

Click here to visit John Anthony's website. You will get a 30 day free trial if you sign up to a broker through John Anthony's website. March edited March I'd love to see the results based on a trade entry at the close of the 1-minute candle as opposed to the high of the candle.

binary options reviews j hjrthf

That would be a more realistic depiction of the price at which subscribers could actually get into the trade. As Lotz himself says, even John Anthony couldn't possibly get in at some of the entry points quoted on the site as oftentimes the price only hits them for a split second. Exactly hence why its a SIGNAL and not a trade. Still some disagree with me I say its profitable for noobs imo. But would love to see the real results of using these signals on a transparent signal service.

Lotz, will you please reply on SignalP post?? What point would you like me to address momo? I don't know I did not see any numbers being changed, but them taking away the prepare sucks as it gives no time to enter on a signal and the signals being late by over a minute on some could make many signals useless and give a false edge making their own stats stupid.

The feedback I had from people that used his signals was mostly positive too which is why I ok'd it and I am sorry if that upsets certain people but too phucking bad! Who know maybe there is a chance. Btw - You guys totally miss the beauty in what was there and shrug I did not. Reading the last response just solidified in my mind what I worried about That's all there is to this, no other possible explanation.

JAS does pretty much everything you can imagine wrong: Worst of all, lotz your defense is that you are a 'speed freak' so signals worked for you? You are faster than Signalpush ATS????

You should quit trading and set some guiness records for being faster than machines lol. And on top of that now lotz has this funny distinction between 'they are signals, not trades sheep, just pay JAS so he can keep lining my pockets" lol what a joke. I joined this forum after someone said lotz was a real trader that was critical of hype and scams like Reginald Stinson and JohnAnthonyScam , and turns out he's a sell out. Leaving from here, won't miss it. I get ZERO from any signal provider or services you kuntbag.

How about you go phuck yourself. Too much of this seems to be competitive bs from SP vs JAS and that is not cool with me.

binary options reviews j hjrthf

I had people email me about them stealing his signals which if they were so unprofitable and he was such a scam well that would not be logical. Seems the SP camp has an AXE TO GRIND and I am not about it. I am into empirical data that if you have to the contrary then great but if you just want stats that say they suck and you are great well go join freeman in delusionalville phucking tards. So IRONIC that its the phucking AMERICANS so against freedom of speech and ideas Then again too many people here are fat and stupid as you have so clearly demonstrated.

Lotz, Let us be clear here. We didn't even mention it to anyone. We aren't attacking JAS and nothing about this has anything to do with being competitive. We think there may be some value in what they are offering which is why we had reached out to them about working with our API to offer autotrade to their clients. However, we think JAS needs to be a little bit clearer about their real stats, not just pumped up marketing BS.

We posted one thing here. So please don't relate these users to us in anyway. As you told us to do, we are collecting stats and will report back when the month is over and we have collected more stats. The geographical coincidence is making me wonder a bit here. I am all for transparency so I will go along with it as long as the data is factual not biased based on marketing whohaaaa I get a bad vibe on this that repeats, not liking that.

I think Signal Push is the most transparent of the services but this whole vibe is putting me off Well of course you are more than welcome to wonder but we have nothing to do with that poster.

We WANT JAS to be successful. If their stats are truly good it means another potential provider and more users for our API. Will continue to monitor. Cool at least that makes more sense to be around what I could calculate on the mean Of course to those who still believe the world is flat well you are welcome to your opinion lol Just don't burn me at the stake for mine!

Too bad there are not brokers out there that would offer k trades like the communitraders at bots has LoL. What you see below is just a toy I am playing with in my spare time, so don't pm me I am not a signal provider. I will say this that signal provider stats should be reflected on the ROI in an average account over time.

IF you are having to filter it then your no longer a signal provider your just a paid indicator. So if a certain percentage of your signals are not usable then that is kinda bogus and you fall into the paid indicator service group.

Bryan Mcafee Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee McAllen TX www. Does that mean that JAS is no longer a signal service because he is more of a indicator?

LoL John Anthony Indicator Service Nobody gets that people like being able to get the signals through a webpage with the dinner bell ringing and then deciding if they want to take the signal or not. So technically it is a SIGNAL but not a TRADE. So in a way I have to disagree I hope you are not talking about the communitraders platform I was testing or else ima get my retard stamp out lol That is only good for noobs who want to test out binary trading imo without having to sign up for a demo to brokers that might bother them other free demo accounts are Markets World and Spotoption but those are actual brokers this one is not.

It would all come down to how its being marketed and presented, just being honest with your customer. I think there is still something to be said for being honest even if you lose a few customers here and there. All i mean is if you get a signal from Signal Push it will be taken unless tech fails.

That is a signal, anything else falls short unless described otherwise. Have to draw the line somewhere. Be more like a Signal Guider than a provider. In our mind a trade signal is just that.

Saying it is a valid trade to take.

binary options reviews j hjrthf

In fact, in their own marketing: That's an indicator or alert. Additionally, if you're going to require clients to not take all of your signals then you should not have "win" or "loss" indications and shouldn't have performance since EVERYONES performance is going to differ.

Many of our clients disable the auto-copy and manually place the trades themselves. This is still a signal even if it doesn't get automatically taken. What does the signal look like to them if it is not executed in their account then? Do you have a screen shot of this? Here is an example. User turned off platform mapping thus the reject for mapping message.

Gives asset, expiry, direction, and price. Ahhh ha another one of those Signal Services that don't want to show transparent results on SP, yet use your tech for delivering signals. How ironic those kinds of guys all say how great they are but just as long as they don't have to provide any hard stats to prove it lol.. Kind of like the indicator guys on BOE who pretend to take trades and say how great they are later you find out they don't trade bins anymore owch Honestly you should not allow them to do that, if they are going to use your technology and promote statistics like this tard does.

The only reason they don't want hard stats from a 3rd party is because of deception no different then JAS in their marketing of their service. So in a way you are doing the same thing indirectly Thats kinda like saying if you rent a car and drive drunk Enterprise or Hertz is liable. They are renting a service is the way I see it. It will give us something to BS about tomorrow in chat lol. We specifically tell anyone who asks us that anyone not on our leaderboard is NOT a verified provider and does not have verified performance.

Due to the open and client side nature of our API, it would be near impossible to block or ban providers who used our API and gave false performance.

It's not the providers using the API, it's the clients. The clients provide their API information to the providers and the requests come through their key. All we see on our side is a client made an API request and the details of it, not who created the API request.

Our API is just a technology that lets users build their own systems or services around it. Like we do with all of the technology we use and all of those technology vendors aren't responsible or supportive of what we build or do with it.

PS - I just looked at their website BOES and it appears they removed that performance. Its more like this you have a company car with the signal push logo on the side and these guys take it for a joy ride looking to pick up people using your brand. They go around picking them up in your company car and then tie them up throw them in the river.

Securities regulators warning about binary options scam - New Brunswick - CBC News

Not long after you see this car on TV driving down Los Angles Highway with police copters and cars in chase. Must be pretty funny as you see the people waving guns out the window of your company car screaming "Phuck da Police! Not really the same thing.

Anyways, if we ever see anyone using our logo on their site and they have any sort of "questionable" content regarding performance and are not perfectly clear that they are not officially supported by us, we will contact them and do our best to have it addressed as we did with BOES.

Well I think that is smart of Signal Push to police those types of goings on to not diminish your brand. Uhhhhmmm no, If you two are just out to provide thoughtless insults for fun yes you will get banned for that. You both are warned. I support the site give and give honest feedback.

If I was an aff marketer I sure would not waste my time debating with you guys. I would spend my time creating content and going after traffic in a effective manner. Yet I don't because I am busy and focused on trading during the day. You recommend JAS, that manipulates data, I know from personal tests the win rates are a lie. You have tried 3 tactics to silence criticism: You claim these signals are for noobs.

You claim you need special analysis for these signals. You claim you are so fast that you can take signals that SP's ATS cannot take. And if anyone questions, call them 'phucktards' or whatever and then link to some porn to distract. What are you some 12 year retard?

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